Acamante & Fillide - 

Il mandorlo in fiore

Acamante e Fillide - Il Mandorlo in Fiore, is a work inspired by Greek-Sicilian mythology.


It is based on deep and painful love, represented in a duet, supported by a video-projection and accompanied by the music of Ezio Bosso-Following a bird.


The piece was dramaturgically designed by inverting the events illustrated in the myth, almost like a rewind of the story, and collecting images closely related to the flowering of the almond tree.


The choice of the myth comes from the background of the Choreographer, fascinated by the millenary culture of his native island, Sicily.

Choreographer - Giovanni Insaudo

Dancers - Sandra Salietti Aguilera, Giovanni Insaudo

Videomaker - Gianfranco Bastianelli

Music - Ezio Bosso, Folllowing a Bird